Learn how to code for free in Berlin

Where can you learn how to code in Berlin? There is no shortage of Berlin learning groups and meetups if you want to learn how to code. If you are not in Berlin, similar resources can be found by heading to meetup.com, and choosing the “tech” meetups in your city. Many of the listed resourcesContinue reading “Learn how to code for free in Berlin”

Demanding diversity at workplaces

As a female developer, if you are in an IT field like me, you might have found yourself working in male dominated teams and workplaces. The lack of diversity might not seem like a huge problem to most startups which are trying to survive in a hostile business world. Obviously, sales and growth take precedenceContinue reading “Demanding diversity at workplaces”

Switching Jobs? Here’s some advice

In the last couple of years of my career, I have worked at multiple firms in different roles and every time I changed a job, the experience has never been more fulfilling. Besides the process of finding a new one, which could get excruciating at times, I learned something new about the job types, technology and the people I associated with. I can honestly admit it was NOT one of the easiest things to do in the initial days of my career. Most people struggle with the issue of being stuck in a wrong job at one time or the other.

A woman developer’s survival guide in IT

It is a well known fact that a large number of girls/women demonstrate inclination towards STEM fields during high school and college, but when it comes to pursuing a career the number drops exponentially. Do you remember that fellow student who aced Math exams during school? As far as I remember, in my middle school, the first top 10 ranked students were always us girls.

Top reasons to live and work in Berlin

Women Job Seekers from India can apply for a job easily in Berlin, Germany. If you are woman engineer and seeking a job abroad, the chances are way higher that you will land one as the recruiters in Berlin are constantly scouting for good engineers to improve gender diversity at workplaces. Berlin is a balanced city to work, live and raise children. It has it’s own perks and therefore is becoming one of the important startup capitals in the world.