Hello there, We are Coder Bee🐝

An Inclusive Community of BIPOC in Tech

CoderBee’s mission is to build and educate the diverse workforce of underrepresented folks in tech.

We offer help with co-learning with mentors, career, startup advice and support with professional challenges. This is a platform to educate yourself within a trusted community so nobody is left behind.

At CoderBee we strive to be a safeplace to build long lasting meaningful connections where you feel comfortable to learn and grow together.

Coder Bee is an inclusive, community oriented tech academy focusing on women and underrepresented groups in IT.

I’m Sowmya, founder of Coder Bee. It all started when I moved to Berlin and realised that the gender diversity ratio was disappointing. The number of women in IT in India, was much higher 30 – 45%. According to the statistics from 2015 the number of women in IT in Germany was less than 18% which is quite slop-sided.

Coder Bee started as a small initiative that sprouted when a few women expressed interest in learning programming on a facebook community. I was thrilled by the enthusiasm and created a facebook group to enable those women to learn to code.

Though our focus is on women empowerment we are an inclusive community with people from diverse backgrounds including diversity in gender, race, age, educational backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities and WE ARE OPEN FOR ALL.

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We need your help to build a network where everyone can benefit. So, if you are in IT and interested in sharing your knowledge and time with the community please sign up to – Become a Mentor.


If you are wondering how to start coding, we have courses for complete beginners.

We accept candidates with NO PRIOR PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE. We want to help you join one of the highly paid industry and build a successful career.

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